Monday, March 19, 2012

A Cake and Candy World

It's finally Spring Break, thank goodness. Now I have one full week to think about more amusing things than exams: fashion and couture!

On the day before we were let out for break, my AP Art History teacher showed us the movie Marie Antoinette as an introduction to the lavish Rococo period. He also baked us pink strawberry cupcakes! I simply adore him.

But anyways, back to the infamous, luxury-desired French queen. She spent extremely large amounts of funds on entertaining and clothing. (Pictured below is my favorite piece from the movie: the bubbly pink gown.) The intricacy, delicacy, and grandeur of the outfits from 18th century Frnace never cease to amaze me. Although, I still strongly believe in the phrase, "Less is more." It's just the attention paid to every little detail to make the whole ensemble appear beautiful should be done today.

It was said that costume designer, Milena Canonero, used the colors of macarons* as a palette. Working for this movie must've been a real treat for her! 

This is my ultimate favorite scene of Marie Antoinette. Just look at all the color; shoes, fabric, jewels, and sweets galore!

*Macarons have become a real obsession of mine as of today. I tried them at this little French boulangerie on Park Ave. in Winter Park called Le Macaron. I tasted Belgian Dark Chocolate, Madagascaran Black Vanilla, and Gingerbread; all equally as delectable.

Well I hope I've left you thinking about everything français. Tout à l'heure, mon amis!


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