Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's so tiring, waking up in the morning... But I do love waking up because that means it's time to get dressed, do my makeup, and curl my hair. This morning I chose a classic look: dark-wash skinnies with a ruffled indigo tank, a gray cardigan, my prized salt water pearl necklace, my Tiffany sterling silver bow earrings, & my irina turquoise sandals. I chose to do smokey eyes and do a have up-have down with my crisp, new curls. I consider this casual but my small town in Florida considers this dressy. Sometimes I wish I lived in the 20's when women wore long, beautiful dresses, hats, pearls, and heels and men wore nice, slick suits to go everywhere. Hmm...

20's Style Twiggy


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